Dear members and friends,
What a month the society has had with our biggest SteamFest ever. Compliments to the organizing team and volunteers have been flowing from all directions.
Apart from the fact it was our 25th event there were other factors that made the event particularly successful – the major one being the efforts of the leadership team which took on the project only 10 weeks before the event and did a sterling job. The effort put in by Heather Turner and Jill Ridgway to lead and grow the team was substantial and deserves special acknowledgement and thanks from the society. Peter Bramwells’ efforts to place and manage over 100 Food and craft stalls also deserves special mention with this being his first time at doing the placement of the stalls.
Some other firsts for the event were the Woodchop on Monday which proved very popular, the mural painting on the Nook building, the steam roller printing and Penny Lane looking after commentating in the Steam Arena – and coming on board for future years.
Joe Phillips’ road run provided a focal point for the media in the lead up to the event creating free and broad reaching advertising which complimented the budgeted advertising organized by Heather.
Brenton Wheare assisted Joe on parts of the run and his expertise with the media releases and interviews also helped get the word out.