SteamFest 2018 once again demonstrated the passion of the Kentish and broader communities for preserving heritage from the bygone steam era. The event luckily had 3 perfect weather days and from all accounts met with nothing but praise from all who attended or were involved.

The event was opened by a representative from Treloar Transport who filled in for John Treloar – Nigel Beeke, who spoke of John’s commitment and support for the event. John Treloar has been a major sponsor of the event since the first one in 1994.
Treloar even advertised SteamFest on their trucks!

Some areas where improvements (are needed) such as uneven access around the grounds for our aged patrons will be helped next year with the introduction of more people movers and Kentish Council’s upgrade of Spring Street which will commence after Easter.
SteamFest received National news coverage on the ABC news which all helps promote the Kentish district as a place to visit and the Sheffield Steam and Heritage Centre as a destination for those interested in experiencing our heritage.

SteamFest is a huge undertaking from the small but dedicated team who have already started work on organizing next year’s event. More definition around the section leaders will be provided for next year in an effort to really spread the organizing role and to reduce the huge hours some are needing to put in to keep the event safe and enjoyable for all. This year was the first year where volunteers were rostered and breaks provided in an organized manner!! We are always looking for more people to join the team – as they say “many hands make light work”!

This year the summer months have seen a doubling of the running days with 3rd weekend of the month added to the first weekend of the month running days. Additionally, the team will be running for the full week of Mural Fest and providing mobile steam exhibits to roam Sheffield during the Taste of the North West and Judging of Mural Fest day on Sat. 7th of April. The afternoon will finish with judging of the SteamFest Photographic Competition which at the time of writing has an impressive 42 entries.
The team are enthusiastically proceeding with the restoration of the Foden Traction engine purchased from Hobart City Council and a renewed effort to restore the second steam locomotive, by Hobart based Member Nigel Fish, hopes to see the Hunslet operating for the 25th SteamFest next year.

On behalf of the organizing committee I extend heartfelt thanks to all who have assisted with making SteamFest a huge success this year and we look forward to working with you to grow the event even further.
Chris Martin