Dear Members and Friends,

SteamFest has once again been a huge success with gate takings indicating that we were approximately 5% up on our previous second best year which was 2011. Last year’s massive 30% increase on 2011 figures was always going to be difficult to beat. We estimate 6500 paying customers came through the gates and in the order of 1000 others with complimentary ticket holders, stall holders and volunteers included.

SteamFest really needs a dedicated team to organize the event and keep the upward growth trajectory. This year’s event was principally organized by Angela Cannell and Judy MacKenzie who did a fantastic job in the circumstances. Due to the pressures of competing priorities some things were overlooked or not adequately resourced but luckily the paying customer is not likely to have noticed some of the planned improvements that fell by the wayside. I am aware that customer satisfaction was very high for the event as a whole with only minor issues arising. We are greatly indebted to the volunteers who made the event a huge success – particularly Angela and Judy who carried the lion’s share of the pre event organizing. SteamFest really is a tribute to our small community and its capacity to work very hard to deliver a 3-day festival.

For next year we need your help – if you can assist us with organizing a component of the event we would love to hear from you – and better still come to the wash up meeting detailed at the end of this Newsletter on 23rd of April.

Chris Martin