This year’s event has again demonstrated that our organization has a lot to offer the local economy, the machinery enthusiast and those who just wanted a good day’s entertainment. With gate takings and therefore patronage on a par with last year’s record and more attractions and stalls than ever, it was great to know we have taken another step forward. The organizing committee are hoping this generates good growth again for SteamFest 2013 on the way to a really big year in 2014 – our 20th Anniversary!

1928 RobeyOf particular interest this year was the 1928 Robey Traction Engine all the way from Hobart’s Tasmanian Transport Museum at Glenorchy. This engine earnt its keep while in Sheffield with trips out around Sheffield on Friday night – up to the pub for the start of the SteamFest activities,up to the Sheffield Town Hall on the Saturday night of SteamFest with the Marshall Roller as door sentinels for the SteamRage Concert Outside the Town Halland again out and about the community during the final day of the Mural Fest a few weekends ago. The Robey spent much of its time on the rock crusher as it did in its heyday at the Public Works Department. The engine is now waiting for a back load with Hazel Bros for a cheap fare back to Hobart!

The best dressed period costume/SteamPunk outfit created considerable interest with $50 prize money for under and over 16 age groups each day.

As Chairman of the organizing committee it has been great to see so many people rising to the challenges of running the event and on behalf of the organization I take this opportunity to thank all of you.

Chris Martin